Capoeira Arte Corpo was founded by Mestre Urso Branco and is located in Salvador, Bahia. (Left to right - Mestre Roque, Mestre Urso Branco, Mestre Mãozinha)

Mestre Roque has been living and teaching capoeira for over 40 years.

   Mestre roque of salvador, bahia - brazil

Roque's interest in capoeira continued, and in 1976 at the age of 17, he began to formally train capoeira under the direction of Mestre Carlos Senna (1931-2002), a former senior student of Mestre Bimba who founded Brazil's third registered capoeira academy in 1955 and was a leader in the effort for capoeira to become recognized as the national sport of Brazil. The Centro de Pesquisa, Estudo e Instrução de Capoeira Senavox (Senavox) taught a highly disciplined capoeira with the objective to promote capoeira as a fight-sport and educate through its intellectual, physical, and spiritual philosophy. 

Roque thrived with the athletic challenges capoeira provided and eventually gained his father's support.  His father realized the positive changes he saw in his son were a result of the discipline, respect, and dedication that came with training capoeira.

In 1984, Roque graduated to the Professor level status.  He taught capoeira at a military academy (Colégio Militar de Salvador) as part of the physical education curriculum; he taught at Senavox, social and athletic clubs (e.g., Esporte Clube da Bahia, Baiano de Tenis) elementary schools, and gave private capoeira and fitness classes. 

When Senavox closed its doors the end of the 1990’s, Roque continued to train with his mestre friends from other groups, giving classes at Capoeira Fita Verde, Capoeira Arte Corpo, and others.    

Mestre Roque moved to Long Beach, California (USA) in 2006 and soon after formed Bodysport Capoeira.  He attributes his energy, health, and physical well-being to over 45+ years of training capoeira.  

Mestre Roque, nicknamed Pantera (Panther), was born in 1958 in the homeland of capoeira, Salvador, Bahia - Brazil, and grew up in one of the roughest neighborhoods of the city, Nordeste de Amaralina. 

As a young teen, Roque's father prohibited him from training capoeira, fearful that it would encourage violence and fighting.  Despite his father's wishes, Roque would often train capoeira at the neighborhood academy of Mestre Braz and often watched the rodas and/or visited the academies or homes of old masters.


Capoeira Luta de Leão was founded by Mestre Raimundo Carneiro and is located in Salvador, Bahia.  

"I hope to share with students my knowledge of self-defense,technique, and physical conditioning of capoeira so they will be well-prepared for whatever life situation they encounter." ~Mestre Roque


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BodySport Capoeira (Capoeira Esporte do Corpo in Portuguese) was formed in late 2006 and is located in Long Beach, CA.  The group is led by Mestre Roque, a native of the city of Salvador, Bahia - Brazil. 

In June 2010, we opened our own academy in Long Beach. We host a variety of great classes and events that encourage education, healthy and active living, and community building. Stop by and visit us! We also rent out our space for very reasonable rates. ​

BodySport Capoeira is affiliated with Capoeira Luta de Leão and Capoeira Arte Corpo, both located in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil.